Sunday, July 31, 2016

Yet another accidental omission caused by Homoeoteleuteon

MARK 10: 32
'...those who followed were afraid' 

- Qodex Bezae (D), Old Latin, etc. Omits phrase.

"...the omission was probably due to Homoeoteleuteon."

- The Interpreter's Bible 
Vol. VII, General Articles on the New Testament, Gospel according to Mark, pg. 810

Once again, we find an omission that can be traced directly to a simple error due to similar line endings, namely:

This error was naturally transmitted across to the Latin translations in Qodex D and related Latin manuscripts in this line of transmission. It's another example of why the omissions in 4th Century Manuscripts can not be relied upon or taken seriously for the purposes of textural reconstruction.

Signed Nazaroo