Marks Ending

Mark's Ending

Mark's Ending

Sinaiticus and Mark's Ending  (Nazaroo)

(Pt I): Scrivener
(Pt 2): Burgon and Hort
(Pt 3): Kirsopp Lake
(Pt 4): Willker
(Pt 5): James Snapp Jr.
(Pt 6): James Snapp (cont.)
(Pt 7): James Snapp (cont.)
(Pt 8): Scribe Identification
(Pt 9): Myshrall on Scribe D
(Pt 10): Replacement Sheet 1
(Pt 11): Quire Structure - Synoptics
(Pt 12):  Dating Bombshell
(Pt 13): Burgon's Vindication - Date
        The Theft of Codex Aleph
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Vaticanus and Mark's Ending  (Mr. Scrivener)

     Pt 1:   Codex B and book-borders: O.T.
     Pt 2:   Codex B and Mark's Ending

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