Friday, August 14, 2015

NewScientist Magazine Shoots Themselves in the Head on Evolution Evidence

Just in case they actually take this page down or alter it,
I'm capturing it for all internet eternity here,
as a prime example of how Evolutionists falsify data
and make up completely outrageous claims
to mislead those who don't bother to read the fine print,
like our friend MCThomas
who actually dared to post a link to this fabrication:

Note the critically important admission in the 8th paragraph:

"Crucially, tC19Z can [only] copy pieces of RNA that are
almost half as long (48 per cent) as itself.
If an RNA enzyme is to copy itself, it has to be able to copy
sequences as long as itself,


Doing an artificial experiment that fails to create replicating RNA:.. $50,000
Posting the results in a misleading way on a credible Science Site: $5,000

Having a proponent of Evolution attempt to use it as evidence: ... Priceless.

(1) True: A clown fabricated some RNA that can't replicate itself.

(2) False: A scientist created Self-Replicating RNA.

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